Lisa Sabbe is one of Flander's finest upcoming international eventers. After a relative late start in the competitive eventing world, she has succesfully steered her way through a crash course introduction to become a serious international rider and one of Belgium's top talents.

Lisa has represented Belgium all over Europe . Barocca D'Alva (por) CIC1* first place, Belgium Championships CNC Tongeren third place, Malmö (swe) CICW 3* sixth place, Arville (bel) CIC 1* fifth and eight place,...

Lisa's love affair with the horse world has its seeds in early childhood and it is her innate ability to connect with horses that enables her to lovingly get the very best out of each and every one of them.

The purpose of this website is to introduce Lisa Sabbe stables and to create a space where Lisa can present what she has to offer to the horse world whether it is training horses and riders, buying and selling horses, breeding top horses, stabling and presenting horses on national and international competitions.