Our vision

Over the years in the sport and training young horses to the highest level, your filosophy about what training the correct way and when to push a youngster and when to give him more time changes. You learn thru your own mistakes and the mistakes of others, all you have to do is open your eyes. A lot of riders, including myself, make the mistake of following their own ambition and stop listening to what the horse is trying to tell you. The saying - there is always another day, another competition- doesn't come up into our heads or we ignore the signals. This always results into the horse unnecissarily suffering for our own ego's. Of course it's hard in full blown competition mode and adrainelin rushing thru our veins to say, next time better and put up your hand to call it a day. To much money and to much blood, sweat and tears go into it… Dissapointing owners and the fear of loosing them when we fail…. It's all to common.
As the years past by and the lessons finally got learned step by step (and still learning ;-) ) I have a better understanding on where I want to go with my sport career and with the horses. Don't get me wrong, I'm still aiming for the highest level and still want to stand at any competition in full blown warrior style! But I'm going to be there with well prepared horses who trust and understand what's coming! Because that's when they can give it their all too!
The time of 'kicking' a horse around the course is well gone! Are horses are too sensitive for this, it is our responsibillity  to keep them sensitive.
The younger years of training a horse are so significant, it can make a horse blossom and thrive, I think  this is what we all want right?!
Our vision is training these wonderful creatures into the true potential they can be.