The team

Lisa Sabbe


As a 6 year old girl Lisa regularly attended pony camps and for her 8th birthday Lisa and her sister got their first pony Beauty. From the moment Lisa turned 10 she could participate in her first regional competitions, but during her high school years horsebackriding had to make way for her education. Her passion for the sport remained thanks to her trainer at the time and his two lovely horses Kimris and Luna. Because of her trainers instisting to follow her heart, Lisa stopped her studies of Architecture after one year and began the course of independent horse riding instructor at Syntra Midden Vlaanderen where she achieved her level trainer B dressage and show jumping and her level trainer A jumping. Here Lisa met Karin Donckers, who was a teacher at the school.

As a child Lisa loved building her own 'cross country' course in the woods behind her house and then riding the course with her pony. In 2003 she rode her very first eventing competition with her horse Pallieter and in 2003-2004 she went up to novice level. In 2006 Lisa tasted her first international 1* competitions and in 2007 she rode her first 2* competitions thanks to the motivation of Karin Donckers. This is how Lisa was allowed to join Karin Donckers evetingteam Vlaanderen and in 2008 she rode her very first 3* in Cameri (Ita), where she ended as the best Belgian combination. In 2009 Lisa was selected for the European Championships for rural riders where the team placed second. In 2012 Lisa and her horse GQ got longlisted for the London Olympic games and in 2013 she went to the European Championships for seniors in Malmö Sweden where the Belgian team ended 5th. With her trusted horse GQ, Lisa was able to compete in her first CCI4* competitions in 2014.

During all her international adventures Lisa still had a full stable of youngsters at home that needed training. Thanks to her friend Jagienka that she met at the beginning of her career, Lisa could still go on her international escapades while Jagienka trained the horses at home. Because of their unique collaberation they started working more and more together. This collaberations forms the LS team that it is today.


Jagienka Van De Weghe

Jagienka started riding as a 9 year old at national horseback riding camps. Shortly thereafter, she began having lessons at her local barn, where in the course of time she started riding some owner's horses. When she turned 18, she bought her very own 3 year old gelding that she trained herself to compete in his first dressage and jumping competitions. At that same moment she began to ride for a small stud farm where she trained the young horses and started to teach local riders.

During this period she met Lisa and it was clear from the beginning that they shared the same ideas and passion about working with horses.
Jagienka combined her education while riding the youngsters. After her graduation, she followed a three month internship in Germany with Charlotte Lund and Sören von Rönne. Upon returning to Belgium, she completed her degree as an 'independent instructor' at Syntra where she acquired her trainer B degree in jumping and dressage.
At that point the first collaboration began between Lisa and Jagienka. Jagienka trained Lisa's youngsters while Lisa was away on international eventing competitions. She trained, among other, Enya des Concessions, Indun and Djinn des Concession who are currently competing at international 2* level and are very promising future stars.

Their deep friendship over the past 15 years has resulted in the partnership of the LS eventing team of today.
Even before there was any collaberation between the two, Jagienka already trained and competed a lot of young horses on jumping and dressage competitions for various owners. This was combined with the dressage and jumping lessons she gives to her students.
Thanks to the experience she gained over the years, Jagienka and Lisa realised they shared the same philosophy: building a better future for rider and horse!
Within the LS team Lisa and Jagienka break in and train the (young) horses together.  After this shared training, they can start their competitive career and be trained into international stars with Lisa.

Oregan Renard

Oregan Renard started riding early on as a young 3 year old at her local riding club in the south of France. At 13, she finally got her first pony Lorenza. Oregan’s talent as a young rider was already very noticable in her teen years. At 15, she was selected for the French championships in dressage and won the silver medal.

Her equine career took a turn from dressage to eventing after a year in New Zealand as an exchange student.  Upon returning to France, she continued to follow her passion and attended school for 2years to become an equine riding instructor. After her studies she got a job in Ecurie du Lion d’Or where she was an instructor and a rider where she mainly rode young horses. One year later, she continued working on her dream to become an eventing rider and got a job working for Ecurie Lepertusa where she was the main rider and broke in all the young horses. There she found her dream eventing youngster and bought Argan de Metheil and together they qualified for the prestigious French young horse championships in Pompadour. Shortly thereafter, Oregan and Argan moved to Belgium to join Lisa Sabbe Stables and are now ready to start their international career.

Our Loyal Pets! Azog, Chappie and Mini B always by our sides!